Laboratory No. 3. Scientists and Artists Laboratory No. 3. Scientists and Artists
Laboratory No. 3. Scientists and Artists

The project "Laboratory No. 3. Scientists and Artists" (Science Art Laboratory at BDT) is aimed at combining the scientific potential of Rosatom and the creative efforts of artists and theater professionals working in various areas of science art. Artists, musicians, composers, theater directors and architects discuss their ideas and concepts with scientists from various divisions of Rosatom State Corporation.

Where the Dogs Run art group is working on creating a chess manipulator whose decision-making during the game will be influenced by analog data. Composer Boris Filanovsky is creaing the score of a performance that demonstrates a number of theories of nuclear physics through music and space. Artist Vladimir Kustov studies the history of interaction between man and Arctic nature; the integral image of the author's understanding of the Arctic will be embodied in the form of an audiovisual installation. Engineer and sound artist Boris Shershenkov is developing mechanisms for translating radiation that is detected by devices, but not perceived by human sensors, into an audiovisual form. Participants of the AHE Engineering Theater explore the possibilities for reproducing natural phenomena on the theater stage. Architect Andrei Voronov, together with artist Andrei Svibovich, are working on a technology that allows creating theatrical performances in a virtual environment in real time.

Six art projects, which will be the result of the interaction of artists and scientists within the framework of Laboratory No. 3, will be implemented at the Bolshoi Drama Theater in St Petersburg in 2022.

The project is being implemented as part of the cooperation program of the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after G.A. Tovstonogov and Rosatom State Corporation

With the participation of: PRO ARTE Foundation, Information Center of the Nuclear Industry, Strana Rosatom newspaper

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