SO LOUD THAT IT IS BARELY AUDILE. Exhibition by Alice Murlina SO LOUD THAT IT IS BARELY AUDILE. Exhibition by Alice Murlina
SO LOUD THAT IT IS BARELY AUDILE. Exhibition by Alice Murlina

PRO ARTE Foundation
Supported by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation 

Exhibition by Alice Murlina
Curator Lizaveta Matveeva
St Petersburg, PRO ARTE Foundation, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevskaya Kurtina, left side 

June 18-26, 2021 daily from 12:00 to 17:00, Sunday is a day off
Admission is free, wearing a mask. 

Alice Murlina’s project “So loud that it is barely audible” is the final exhibit in a series of solo exhibitions by the participants of the “School for Young Artists” of the PRO ARTE Foundation. These exhibitions were created during seminars where site-specific installations were discussed, which the artists offered specifically for the exhibition space of the PRO ARTE Foundation in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

“So loud that it is barely audible” is an exhibition-refuge, individual works of the project can refer to a childhood associations and memories, but their bigger goal is to create a safety zone. The artist uses recognizable wallpaper ornaments and ceiling shades as readymade to create a space where you can feel protected. Sculptural objects are home interiors turned inside out, taking on a collective image of urban architecture. The streets, where anything can happen and happens, are opposed to the house, and that is why the artist seeks to endow them with the visual, formal qualities of the house, protecting and making them safe.

Alice Murlina works with sculpture, ceramics, photography and graphics. An active participant of international projects, her works were exhibited in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg and the United Arab Emirates. Graduate of the Department of Monumental and Decorative Art of the St Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design named (2018) and the Minsk State Art School named after Glebova (2010). Since 2020, participant of the PRO ARTE Foundation's School for Young Artists in 2020-21.

Lizaveta Matveyeva — curator, works with themes of creative spaces and incubators, self-organized art initiatives, art residences, participatory art opportunities. Coordinator of the international program of residences for artists and curators CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residencies, curator of the digital exhibition “I don’t know if the Earth is spinning or not ...” ( in the framework of the main project of the VII International Moscow Biennale for Young Art (together with Francesca Altamura) and SAM Fair at the Street Art Museum (St Petersburg). Co-curator of the international festival ART PROSPECT. Curator of the 2018-2019 season of the project "Start" (Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow), co-curator of the artist-run space "Luda" (2014-2017, St Petersburg). Expert of the State Prize in the field of contemporary art "Innovation" 2020. Lives and works in St Petersburg.

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