Our Graduate: Maria Bukova Our Graduate: Maria Bukova
Our Graduate: Maria Bukova


Graduate of the 2012 School of Cultural Journalism.
Director of the Peace Square Museum Centre in Krasnoyarsk, art critic, member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art. 

“I did not enter the School of Cultural Journalism after my first attempt. In 2010 I failed, but I returned in 2011 and made it this time. Probably, my obstinacy and the desire to be “like the best people of the city of Krasnoyarsk” (my colleagues Sasha Semenova and Oksana Budulak were also the School graduates) informed my professional path. Another important point that the School provides is the ability to word one's thoughts, not to be afraid of them, expand one's perspectives and find parallels for various cultural phenomena. It seems that this is the best thing you can think of — not to teach people, but to guide them, to share different and always the best tools: vocabulary, experience, the ability to travel and find your community everywhere. I think that without the School, my life and worldviews would have been different — I don’t know what they would be like, and honestly, I don’t even want to think about it.”

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