VIDEO ART: THE ART OF THE MOVING IMAGE. Seminars by Viktoria Ilyushkina VIDEO ART: THE ART OF THE MOVING IMAGE. Seminars by Viktoria Ilyushkina
VIDEO ART: THE ART OF THE MOVING IMAGE. Seminars by Viktoria Ilyushkina
October 26-30, 2020

Seminars are provided for students of “School for Young Artists” exclusively 

The invention of the video camera in the 1970s resulted in radical changes in the production of artworks. Recording the video and sound, control over the image, and the projection gave birth to the new type of art, videoart. Camera became not just a tool for documentation of staged actions, it also enabled the employment of animation and various options for editing of the image. All of these aspects of video creation made it possible to use the space and engage with the body of a spectator. 

This course is an introduction to the history of video art. During the seminars, participants will learn the difference between video art, cinema, and television and also discuss different genres and techniques of video art. The course will cover such genres as Video, Video performance, Pseudo-documentary, Computer animation, 3D modeling, installation, media projects, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual reality (VR). 

Viktoria Ilyushkina (Saint-Petersburg) is a media artist and curator. She graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts (2001) and the PRO ARTE’s School for Young Artists (2005). Since 2006, Viktoria has been an active participant of screenings, exhibitions, and festivals in Russia, Germany, France, Estonia, Switzerland, Italy and the US. Her personal projects were presented in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Sweden and Denmark. In 2009, Viktoria became a curator of the video archive in CYLAND Media ArtLab and a curator of the video program during the International Festival of Media Art “CYBERFEST”. Since 2010, Viktoria has held the curator’s position in the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center in Saint-Petersburg. She also is a member of Sergey Kuryokhin Award’s organising committee.

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