SOUND ART. Master class by Sergey Komarov SOUND ART. Master class by Sergey Komarov
SOUND ART. Master class by Sergey Komarov
October 20-23, 2020

Master class is provided for the students of the School for Young Artists exclusively 

Sound artist Sergey Komarov will speak about technics, devices, technology and share skills of creating a soundscape and a piece of sound art. He will present the Cyland Audio Archive, discuss its origins, mission and structure as well as the most significant sound art pieces. Together with Sergey Komarov, artists will develop an idea of a sound artwork and complete it by the end of the master class. 

Sergey Komarov is a sound artist, engineer and computer programmer. He is a curator of the Cyland Media Art Laboratory’s Audio Archive and a founder of the Kurvenschreiber analog electronic band. In 2007-2010, he collaborated with the Asymmetrique Answer performance group. Sound art pieces and installations, interactive, kinetic and media objects by Sergey Komarov have been displayed at various exhibitions in Russia, UK, France, Germany, USA, Georgia and Lithuania.

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