DOOMSDAY TOURISM. Lecture by Alexander Burenkov DOOMSDAY TOURISM. Lecture by Alexander Burenkov
DOOMSDAY TOURISM. Lecture by Alexander Burenkov
March 17, 2021

DOOMSDAY TOURISM: What Happened to the Biennales of Contemporary Art in the 2010s and How the Programming of Large-scale Cultural Projects Will Change after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Lecture by Alexander Burenkov

The lecture is available only for participants of the "School for Young Artists" program

"Biennialization" of the art world - the expansive spread of new biennials around the world, generates an intense transnational activity of artists, curators, museums and educational institutions, however, it meets with active criticism among the professional community. Alexander Burenkov invites you to think about the value that countless biennials and triennials of contemporary art produce today, how curators respond to the growing criticism of the biennial movement and look for new formats. Can such large-scale exhibition projects overcome the position of a trigger of the tourist attraction of a place, turning into viable, in the long term, platforms that could benefit society, maintain critical voice and facilitate public debate about the political, environmental, social and ethical issues of the modern world?

Alexander Burenkov is an independent curator of contemporary art exhibitions and educational projects, researcher, art critic, teacher at Sreda Obucheniya school, British School of Design and the Faculty of Art Management at the RMA Business School. Laureate of the State Prize in the field of contemporary art "Innovation" (2017) in the nomination "Curator of the Year". Curator of more than 20 exhibitions in Russia and Europe, including “20:20. Time has stopped” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2020), “Artificial Gaze” (Cosmoscow art fair, 2019), etc. Author of numerous publications. Lives and works in Moscow.

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