Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA" Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA"
Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA"
August 2021

The inclusive museum laboratory ‘Ne Zrya’*, where blind and visually impaired actors work together with sighted professional actors, directors, and curators of the Russian Ethnographic Museum, has become a continuation of the theatrical project of the PRO ARTE Foundation, which took place in 2018-2020, and presented a performance shown at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater and at the Hermitage Theater in St Petersburg.

Head of the laboratory, director Dmitry Krestyankin - about the new project ‘Ne Zrya’:

“After the play ‘Ne Zrya’ we wanted to reduce the distance between the performers and the audience, to interact more intimately and individually. The museum space turned out to be a right place for this. At the same time, the theatrical experience helps us to enter this space differently than museum workers do. Starting from personal stories and family artifacts, we are trying to deal with the immense world around us."

Supported by the Presidential Grants Fund and the Donors' Forum.

* 'Ne zrya' is a phrase in Russian having two very different meanings: 'not seeing' and 'not in vain'. This is the title of the PRO ARTE’s project series, that involve participants with visual disabilities. 

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