Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA" Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA"
Classes in the museum laboratory "NE ZRYA"
July 2021

In July 2021, classes in the inclusive museum laboratory took place at the Russian Ethnographic Museum, where actors created improvised sketches of a future performative excursion.

Director Boris Pavlovich, artistic director of the project — about a special excursion, which the PRO ARTE Foundation is preparing for the exposition of the Russian Ethnographic Museum:

“For our project, elements of a modern apartment will temporarily appear in the museum. We want to make a journey from something very private to global, archetypal things. We will merge the personal stories of blind and sighted actors, and fragments of a museum exhibition to show that an ethnographic museum is not a museum of obsolete things, that what is stored here, our entire material life is a human code. In fact, each of us lives in our own small ethnographic museum, any apartment preserves material culture, a connection with our ancestors. This becomes more obvious if you mentally look at your own apartment from the perspective of the future."

Supported the Presidential Grants Fund and the Donors Forum.

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