AN ARTIST’S GARDEN. Artist Talk by Nabil Ali AN ARTIST’S GARDEN. Artist Talk by Nabil Ali
AN ARTIST’S GARDEN. Artist Talk by Nabil Ali
February 19, 2022
PRO ARTE Foundation

The artist talk is available only for participants of the School for Young Artists program 

Nabil Ali is known for developing organic paint systems from medieval technical manuscripts, conservation and restoration of organic pigment and paint. He­ is particularly focused on colour theory and the history of pigments, which are obtained from deposits throughout nature and suitable for art. Nabil Ali studies the composition, texture, origin, structure and history of the materials he uses in his work. His deep knowledge of the history of early art and its material aspects enables him to mix periods, styles and artistic traditions from different parts of the world, establishing a­ nonlinear historical narrative in a­ contemporary context. 

At his artist talk, Ali will talk about methods and techniques for obtaining pigments from natural materials­ — plants: poppy, iris and cornflower, oak galls, rue’ yellow mignonette’ and madder’ leaves, peach pits,­ etc. The­ artist will talk about art projects that draw attention to current issues of climate change and its consequences, including the Echo of the Sea project, which he is implementing in St.­ Petersburg with the support from the Essex Cultural Diversity Project (EDCP) and Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera). 

Nabil Ali has realized various art projects in the UK. He has lead master classes at the Ferens Art Gallery, the Firstsite Contemporary Art Gallery, The Fitzwilliam Museum, the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, and the Radcliffe Observatory at the University of Oxford, at the Royal Drawing School and at the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre in Lisbon,­ etc. 

Artist talk by Nabil Ali is supported by the Creative Association of Curators TOK.

Image: Echo of the Sea installation by Nabil Ali, Sevkabel Port, St.­ Petersburg, 2022.
Photo by Nabil Ali

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