Horizon Line Horizon Line
Horizon Line
9 November, 2018 - 18 January, 2019
Museum of the History of Photography

The exhibition “Horizon Line” tells about the origins of conceptual photography in Russia bringing back the St Petersburg of the 1990s when traditional photographers were evolving to become conceptual artists seeking a new language and constructing not only the image but the very author of the photograph. The exhibition features project reconstructions of the “TAK” group and archival material from the museum collection.

Conceptual photography emerged in the USA in the second half of the 1970s. For the photo-artists of this movement constructing an image was more important than the image itself. The Russian “TAK” group decided to construct not only the image but the author himself. The group’s reason d’etre was to obtain a collective experience of image constructing. As a result, individual identities of the artists blurred thus giving rise to a peculiar chameleon style that varied from project to project. The exhibition presents three projects of the “TAK” group: “A Second Rescue Breath”, “After Life” and “The Last Attempt”.

Design: NERPA (Russia)

The group of architects NERPA – Network Environment Research Practicing Architecture – was established in 2011 and include Alexandra Getmanskaya, Olga Kolesova, Natalia Parsadanova, Asel Urazgaliyeva. The NERPA projects include cooperation with the Taiga space (St Petersburg); participation in the Uber Libenskunst festival («Art, In Order to Survive»); foresight-project of area development for a neighbourhood within a 1 kilometre radius around the Obvodny canal “How Many Shades Does Grey Have?”; socially oriented design development program “Design Platform” of the TOK association.

NERPA’s comments on the exhibition:

“Skyline is an overriding metaphor and compositional core of the exhibition. The line moves depending on the spatial goals: we follow it, we rise above it, we observe it. In “A Second Rescue Breath” and “The Last Attempt” series TAK experiments with contrast and inversion of the black-and-white image. We play this game using the archaeological language. Through the closed into the open/ From black to white. From the dark to the light”.

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