Shalyapin. KhMAT Shalyapin. KhMAT
Shalyapin. KhMAT
9 November – 9 December 2018
Fedor Shalyapin Memorial Apartment, branch of the St Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music

Curator: Katya Bochavar (Russia)

While visiting the Memorial Apartment of Chaliapin one expects to hear the voice of the prominent singer everywhere. Yet, had the visitor stopped and listened, he would hear some very different museum sounds – the squeaking of the parquet floor or the rustle of shoe covers. Chaliapin’s voice is silent in his make-up room, dining room and drawing room, bedroom and dressing room… The members of “The School of A Young Artist” program at the “PRO ARTE” Foundation decided to give the museum-apartment of the famous singer and actor a voice.

The museum rooms will host performances, space, sound and light installations, video- and graphic art to recreate Chaliapin’s voice and the voices of those who lived there after him, to give a voice to the objects and spaces, to transfer voice into light and colour into voice, to hear the voice of quietness and the voice of silence. All of these are site-specific artworks created for the museum. The young artists are studying Chaliapin and his legacy, the phenomenon of memory and the phenomenon of the «hero» as well as the museum itself with its inner spaces and history.

Curator: Katya Bochavar (Russia)

Katya Bochavar is an artist, designer, sculptor and exhibition expert. She was the architect of the Russian Pavilion at the 53th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (Venice, 2009) and a number of exhibitions at the Bibakov Аrt Projects venue (Moscow 2008-2010). She created and curated the GROUND project (established in 2014, Moscow), authored and curated the «Course in Holistic Combinatorics» at «The School of A Young Artist» organised by the PRO ARTE Foundation (2018).

Katya Bochavar comments on the exhibition format: “HMAT stands for the Art Interdisciplinary Anti-Theatre. Art – because the artist, in the broad sense of the word, is our major focal point. Interdisciplinary – because today the most interesting things happen in a context with blurred genre boundaries. Anti – for us it means not so much “against” as “vis-a-vis”. Theatre – because what is happening with the theatre today is unprecedented, it encapsulates all the most important things, also from the point of view of contemporary art”.

Activity Type :  Design / Visual Arts 


Educational program:  SCHOOL FOR YOUNG ARTISTS 


Fedor Shalyapin Memorial Apartment, branch of the St Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music

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