"Observations Diary" an exhibition curated by Elena Yaichnikova (Moscow) "Observations Diary" an exhibition curated by Elena Yaichnikova (Moscow)
"Observations Diary" an exhibition curated by Elena Yaichnikova (Moscow)
26 April – 17 May 2013 
Address of the ART re.FLEX Gallery: 5 Bakunina ul., St Petersburg

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Observations Diary 

an exhibition curated by Elena Yaichnikova (Moscow) 


Anna Andrzhievskaya, 

Paval Brat, 

Marina Vinnik, 

Ilya Grishayev, 

Sergey Krylov, 

Evgenia Machneva, 

Anastasia Pavlitskaya, 

Alena Tereshko, 

Ivan Tuzov, 

Alexander Tsikarishvili, 

Viktor Yulyev. 

“Observations Diary” exhibition is a graduate project of the students of the School for Young Artists run by the PRO ARTE Foundation and the Northwest branch of NCCA. The exhibition is not only a part of the training process, a students’ report and a kind of a journal, it also marks a certain step in the young artists’ development and draws a point on the map of contemporary art. Visitors may also perceive the exhibition as an observation diary of the art created by the young, and see what this art lives on.

The works made by the young artists are based on their observations of the world around them. It may be urban architecture, as in the “Relief” sculpture by Anastasiya Pavlitskaya; or a cityscape, as in the photo series by Viktor Yulyev titled “Uniqueness”, both provoking thoughts about the nature of art and its relationship with reality. The artists find their subjects in current social and political events – like Sergei Krylov does in his “Pro and Contra” series. At the same time they are interested in the world of objects, in the living environment as in “Household Formalism” by Yevgeniya Machneva, or study the woman’s inner world through the lense of feminist art as in Marina Vinnik’s audio installation “Untitled”. Young artists also study the artistic nature and properties of materials – see “the Mass” by Pavel Brat – and try to discover autonomous life of various forms as demonstrated in “the Soll” by Ilya Grishayev. Alyona Tereshko questions the changes in the classical portrait genre looking into the history of art in her “Portrait” installation, while Ivan Tuzov demonstrates a new version of Théodore Géricault’s “the Raft of Medusa” using pixel-based graphics. Alexander Tsikarishvili presents his homage to the contemporary art classics in his “Audio Conferences with Dead Artists” , while Anna Andrzhiyevskaya in her “Art-Business” pursues answer to the question of how an artist finds their place in the contemporary art set-up studying economic opportunities and hardships that a young artist is bound to face.

“Observations Diary” also serves as an important launching platform preparing for the future achievement. For some participants it is a start of their artistic career.

Elena Yaichnikova

The education programme for young artists was created by the PRO ARTE Foundation in 2000. Over 13 years of its operation it has been attended by more than 100 young artists from various regions of Russia. Since 2011 the programme has been carried out in cooperation with the Northwest branch of NCCA and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

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