«Cabinet of Curiosities», a joint Russian-Finnish educational project (St.Petersburg) «Cabinet of Curiosities», a joint Russian-Finnish educational project (St.Petersburg)
«Cabinet of Curiosities», a joint Russian-Finnish educational project (St.Petersburg)
15.03.2013 - 23.03.2013
Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevskaya kurtina, left side, PRO ARTE Foundation

National Center for Contemporary Arts 
PRO ARTE Foundation
KUVA Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


«Cabinet of Curiosities»
A joint educational project of the School for the Young Artists program
and Finnish Academy of Fine Arts KUVA

Series of Lectures and Master-classes in St. Petersburg

Cabinet of Curiosities is an intensive educational project for the participants of the School for the Young Artists program and students from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts KUVA. Within the project a group of 4 Russian and 4 Finnish young artists will spend 9 days in St. Petersburg and 9 days in Helsinki. In each city the participants will attend master-classes given by Russian and foreign artists. The organizers also provide lectures and guided tours to introduce the students to the context of local art scenes. The Program will culminate in an exhibition of projects created during master-classes; the show will take place in summer 2013 both in St. Petersburg and in Helsinki.

Cabinet of Curiosities is a project aimed at establishing dialogue between art-communities of two Northern capitals with a hope of a long-term fruitful partnership in the future. At present both Russian and Finnish artists are rather focusing on their local context, Central and Western European or American art scene. Art communities of the two neighbor countries not only lack knowledge about each other’s culture but are not used to communication and interaction. The mission of the Project is to create a dynamic environment, enable dialogue between young artists that could later serve a basis for long-term professional cooperation in art.

Study Program in St. Petersburg:

Master-class by artist Olga Kiseleva (France)
Master-class by curator Alina Belishkina (St. Petersburg)
Lectures by Olesya Turkina (St. Petersburg) and Evgenia Kikodze (Moscow)
Guided tours to the Russian Museum, the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage, Museum
of Anna Akhmatova in the Fountain, Loft Project Etagi. Borei gallery

Project Participants:

Stas Bags (St. Petersburg)
Marina Vinnik (St. Petersburg)
Anastasiya Pavlitskaya (St. Petersburg)
Alyona Tereshko (St. Petersburg)
Ilkka Tapani Pitkanen (Helsinki)
Milla Marika Tukkari (Helsinki)
Riikka Carolina Ahlfors (Helsinki)
Rosvita Vivian Emrich (Helsinki)

Lecturers in St. Petersburg:

Olga Kiseleva – professor at the Sorbonne University (Paris), founder of the Art&Science in the Université Paris 1; Olga Kisseleva was born in St.Petersburg, at present she lives and works in Paris.

Alina Belishkina – curator, lecturer in Critical Theory at the Photodepartament Foundation.

Olesya Turkina – art historian, curator, leading research fellow, Department of Contemporary Art in the Russian Museum.

Evgenia Kikodze - art historian, curator, art-critic, member of the Russian Association of Art Historians and International Association of Art-Critics

Project Curators: Liisa Roberts (Helsinki), Yana Klichuk (St. Petersburg)

Session Plan:

15 – 18 March – Workshop “Urban Quick Response” by Olga Kiseleva (Paris)
15 March  
11.00-16.00 – PRO ARTE – Project presentation, planning
after 16.00 – Individual research, documentation  (Russian students help Finnish students)

16 March
9.00-14.00 – Individual research, documentation (Russian students help Finnish students)
15.00-20.00 – PRO ARTE – Group analysis, individual projects descriptions (1/2 page), materials

17 March 
10.00-17.00 – PRO ARTE – Implementation of individual projects 
17.00-18.00 – Individual projects analysis, revision
18.00-22.00 – Finish individual projects

18 March 
10.30-14.30 – PRO ARTE - Final discussion
15.30 – Field trip to State Russian Museum (The Marble Palace) with Olesya Turkina

19 March 
12.00 – PRO ARTE – Lecture about the development of contemporary Russian art  by Zhenya Kikodze (Moscow), in Russian
15.00 – Lecture about the development of contemporary art in St Petersburg by Olesya Turkina

20 March – Field trips
11.00 Hermitage 
13.00 Borey (lunch)
15.00 Akhmatova
17.00 Etagi
17.45-19.00 - Meeting with Alina Belishkina at Etagi (cafe), discussing the workshop

21 – 23 March – Workshop «Are We Getting Anywhere?» by Alina Belishkina (St Petersburg)

21 March
10.00 - meeting in the center of St.Petersburg and heading for the suburbs
Trip to Kronshtadt->Lomonosov->Petergof
19.00 - meeting with the locals at Lomonosov and getting back to St.Petersburg

22 March  
11.00  - 16.00 – PRO ARTE – Discussion, writing down memories
23.30 - meeting in the centre and heading for the northern part of the St.Petersburg  to take a night bus, and cross the whole city on it. The whole trip will take around 2 hours.
2 am - late coffee/tea at Alina’s house

23 March  
12.00-15.00 – PRO ARTE – Presenting projects ideas. Discussion
15.00 – 17.00 – Final discussion on St Petersburg session
20.25 – Departure from St Petersburg 

NCCA North-West Branch, tel.: 7 -812- 2724733; www.ncca.ru
PRO ARTE Foundation tel. : 7-812- 2330040, 2330553; www.proarte.ru

Activity Type : Visual Arts
Students only:  Yes
Educational program:  SCHOOL FOR YOUNG ARTISTS

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