In June 2022, the PRO ARTE Foundation donated books to the libraries of St. Petersburg.

To the Central City Public Library named after Vladimir Mayakovsky more than 700 books, catalogs, dictionaries and periodicals in Russian and foreign languages were donated. The collection includes publications on fine arts, music, theatre, architecture, philosophy, museums, and cultural management.

Also, more than 1,600 copies of PRO ARTE Foundation publications were handed over to the Mayakovsky Library, these are catalogs of exhibitions and festivals, conference materials, collections of articles etc. that would later go to other libraries in the city.

More than 2,500 books, catalogs and magazines on fine arts, architecture, cinema, dance, philosophy and photography in Russian and foreign languages ​​have been donated to the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in the New Holland Island. Many of these unique publications are of particular interest to specialists in the field of contemporary arts and culture.

Dozens of scores of contemporary academic music compositions, earlier performed by the PRO ARTE’s eNsemble of contemporary music have been donated to the library of the musicAeterna Orchestra.

In total, about 5,000 different books were donated to the libraries of St. Petersburg as part of the PRO ARTE Foundation’s Books as a Gift charity action.

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