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 The PRO ARTE Foundation holds about 250 events annually. Those include lectures, master classes, exhibitions, concerts and conferences at PRP ARTE premises and in Peter and Paul Fortress, but also in other museums, galleries and concert halls in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Pertrozavodsk, Vyborg, and other Russian cities.

Exhibition “A Coming Breed”

20.05.2017 - 21.06.2017

Exhibition “A Coming Breed”

State Museum of Political History of Russia
ROSIZO State Museum Exhibition Centre
North-Western Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
PRO ARTE Foundation with the support of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

May 20 – June 21, 2017

Exhibition “A Coming Breed”

as part of the annual event “The Long Night of Museums” 
and the Year of Ecology-2017

State Museum of Political History of Russia

“…we all have too many wheels, screws
and valves to judge each other on first
impression or one or two pointers.”
Anton Chekhov

The exhibition “A Coming Breed” opens at the State Museum of the Political History of Russia within the St Petersburg’s “Museum Night” festival. The Museum has explored the theme of ecology through the lens of social issues in the show “A Dying Breed”, a collective portrait of social characters — such as noblemen, petty bourgeois, merchants, peasants, and the Soviet people — vanishing under the pressure of radical political changes.

Conceived as a collaboration with the State Museum of the Political History of Russia, “A Coming Breed”, on the one hand, maintains the social course started in the previous exhibition, by introducing the man of the 21st century, who has replaced the “vanished breed”. On the other hand, though, it demonstrates that classification cannot be applied to modern society, where alternative information and communication sources have significantly extended the opportunities for a personal statement and the development of independent communities with a unique range of features.

As a result, a many-colored mosaic of human types emerges, comprising individuals who avoid classification based on precise geopolitical, socio-economic, or ideological frameworks. These unusual characters attract contemporary artists by their “eccentricities” and “spontaneous gestures” (Lera Lerner’s project); by restlessness and preoccupation with “a lot of work” (Alyona Tereshko’s performance); by experiments with visual appearance and freedom of self-expression (a series of paintings by Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva); by their inclination to reflect on self/identification (Andrey Rudiev’s paintings), or interest in history concealed behind mass media representation (Kerim Ragimov’s installations).

The diversity of the displayed types, however, does not imply that the show provides a complete portrait of a contemporary man. It rather invites the viewer to join the artists and discover something intensely individual in this variety of visual images, and leave their own mark on the wall of the “Personal Profile” project within the exhibition space.

Participants: Lera Lerner, Kerim Ragimov, Andrey Rudiev, Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva, Alyona Tereshko

Design of the exhibition: Nikita Sazonov

Address: 2-4 Kuibysheva street, Saint Petersburg

Web-site: www.polithistory.ru

Information: (812) 233-70-52, (812) 313-61-63

Opening hours: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday: 10.00-18.00. Wednesday and Friday: 10.00-20.00. The ticket office closes an hour before the museum closure time.

Closed: Thursday and last Monday of every month

Activity Type :  Visual Arts
Educational program:  SCHOOL FOR YOUNG ARTISTS


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